Morningside Runners - MCCRR

Time Trials

Time trials are held throughout the year every Wednesday evening at 17:30, starting at the Morningside Country Club (1 De La Rey Road, Morningside). Runners can choose between a 5km or 8km route.

Time trials provide a structured and consistent way, on a measured route, for runners to test their progress and increase their speed throughout the running season. It is also just a fun way to compete with yourself, to compete with others, to improve your race times, to meet likeminded runners or training partners, and to socialise mid-week.

Note the following:

  • The Time Trial routes are marked with white (5km) and yellow (8km) arrows (see route maps below).
  • Please bring reflective clothing, especially in winter.
  • If you have a GPS watch, please record your time and upload to Strava for your results to be eligible for our awards (you need to be a member of our Strava Club for this).

Wednesday 5km TT - View on Strava Wednesday 8km TT - View on Strava

Club Runs

Club runs are hosted throughout the year every Saturday from the Morningside Country Club (1 De La Rey Road, Morningside). In summer the Club Runs commence at 06:00, in winter at 07:00. Club Runs are longer, slower runs, ranging from 10 km to 21 km.

We cater for runners of different experience and ability. Members and non-members are welcome!

Saturday Club Runs

We cycle through three different routes that all offer different scenery and challenges, but each has a 10-11km and an 18-20km option. To see which route we are running each week please see this link to the club events calendar:

MCCRR Calendar 2023

Club Gazebo

The club takes the gazebo and arranges catering for club members at some of the bigger races around Joburg and the rest of the country. It is a great place for club members and families to have a bite and shoot the breeze after a race.

The club also looks to arrange similar facilities at Two Oceans and Comrades.