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Morningside Country Club Road Runners

Morningside Country Club Road Runners (MCCRR) is a community of people who gather together for the joy and challenge of road running. The club is a mix of experienced runners and beginners, young and old, ultra- and Park runners.

Established in 2005 by Angus Hudson and Keith Binge, the club’s initial focus was to help residents of Morningside avoid the traffic they faced on the way to the time trials of other nearby athletic clubs. Little over a decade later, some of the first members of the club have completed 10 consecutive Two Oceans and Comrades Marathons in the distinctive (blue chessboard) MCCRR colours. We remain an relaxed, social and inclusive club of approximately 200 members.

Our aim is to provide support, entertainment, comradery and/or distraction to anyone interested in road running, either competitively or recreationally. We also have a large contingent of the club who actively participate in trail running and other sports.

We pride ourselves on bringing together good runners, experienced runners, mature runners, beginners, social runners, walkers, talkers and socialisers who need to justify their socialising.

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If you are looking for a community running club where you can meet and socialise with like minded people and at the same time improve your running, why don’t you get in touch and join us now.

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